1. Colin Griffin – 50k ‘Walker’ & Olympic hopeful 2012;

“Cryotherapy is something I use for recovery following hard training or hard competition. It was my plan to use this after the 50km race to maximise my recovery with less than 10 week to the World Championships in Daegu. I repeated the cryotherapy over 3 consecutive days..”

2. David Ghilardi – Osteopath and Physiotherapist, Ennis

“Cryotherapy is a great help to reduce inflammatory pain and improve joint mobility”

3. Louise Smith – MISCN, Oakdale Clinic, Tralee, Co.Kerry. Chartered Physiotherapist with Kerry Senior Football Panel

“The Cryotherapy Clinic in Ennis has proved invaluable in our management of acute injuries for the past two seasons. For the average ankle sprain, severe dead leg or muscle tear such as the hamstring, use of the cryotherapy chamber in the immediate aftermath of the injury has proved successful in ensuring a speedy recovery”

4. David Hanly, MISCP, Connacht Senior Rugby squad

“Since I have started sending players to the Cryotherapy chamber over the last few seasons, I have noticed a significant reduction in acute pain levels following muscle injury, allowing for faster rehabilitation and return to play”

5. Máire Griffin, MISCP, Listowel Physiotherapy Clinic (Teams; Kerry U21 football, Kerry Minor hurling, Mid Kerry snr football, Kilmoyley snr hurling)

“I have found the Cryotherapy centre very useful for acute injuries especially sports related. It speeds up the acute phase of healing and the injury can be treated manually earlier – speeding up recovery time”