Shannon Cryotherapy Clinic Ltd.

(Founded March 2009)

Shannon Cryotherapy Clinic ltd offers its clients an innovative and radical treatment protocol unlike any seen in this country heretofore. The basis of the treatment revolves around the use of stimulating cold dry air at a temperature of -110degC, thus, using ‘cold’ as it has been used for generations, in the treatment of a wide ranging spectrum of conditions involving localised inflammation and acute pain but with the added advantage of a vastly improved and reduced recovery period. Moreover, whole body cryotherapy is safe, controlled and now inclusive of scientific medical findings (Dept Sports Science and Physical Ed., University Of Limerick, 2011) that fundamentally prove its effectiveness in muscle temperature reduction thus producing the anti-inflammatory response.

In house, the clinic also combines the whole body cryotherapy treatment with physical therapy modalities, a treatment which incorporates a Home Care Advice plan, to further enhance the client’s recovery and rehabilitation, as well as one to one advice to the client on injury prevention, strength/conditioning, nutrition & personal well-being. We welcome practicing therapists to visit the clinic with their clients and experience wbc to further enhance their treatment of their respective clients.

  • Whole body cryotherapy
  • Physical Therapy Treatment
  • Injury Rehab Program
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Stretching Program
  • Sports Psychology
  • Team Recovery Sessions


Team and Individual Conditioning

Team Conditioning

Here at Shannon Cryotherapy we offer team packages for use throughout the season for a variety of sports. The package includes 1 to 1 sessions for each of your athletes where issues such as diet, recovery, training and mental strength are developed to improve performance.
The coach works closely with the whole process as training modalities work in unison with each other to increase work output. Feedback is provided regularly as the team staff can be kept appraised of team averages as well as individual progress.
Fitness testing is also included in the package and includes

  • Vo2 Max Testing
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Strength
  • Body Fat Testing
  • BMI
  • Postural and Gait Analysis
  • Flexibility Awareness and program

Individual Conditioning

Similar to the above package the individual training is informative and specific to the athlete and sport. Periodization is very important to individual sports as work, maintenance, recovery and peaking throughout the year is key for athletes meeting their goals. Training programs are dynamic and incorporate functional training that has a beneficial carryover to sports specific movements.

Clinic staff include: Anthony O’Looney, Brian Enright(Physical Therapist) & Robert Yip (Sports Pysch.)